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GIS Training

Goal of GIS training and content:

The aim of the training is to get to know the basics of geographic information systems and to get familiar with different data formats. Basic GIS concepts, the importance of geodatabases, the creation of simple maps, the analysis of spatial information and processes as well as the editing of geodata are taught to the participants. In addition, well-known open source programs will be introduced and deepened using the example of QGIS (formerly Quantum-GIS). Here, the operation of surfaces and the integration and editing of vector and raster data is practiced.


Basics geographic information systems

Introduction to Geographical Information Systems

  • What is a GIS?
  • Benefits / Development / Trends of GIS
  • MEVAP principle
  • GIS software
  • Areas of application of a GIS


Basics Geoinformation systems with ArcGIS

  • Introducing ArcGIS
  • MEVAP principle in ArcGIS
  • Introducing ArcGIS platform / ArcGIS technology
  • Install and configure ArcGIS Desktop
  • Introduction to ArcCatalog - User Interface


Introducing ArcCatalog

  • vector data
  • raster data



  • map window
  • data frames
  • layer principle
  • metadata
  • Attribute tables (attributes, data types)
  • Field functions (field calculations, geometry calculation, field statistics)
  • attributive queries
  • Working with coordinate systems
  • Create point features from factual data (XY table ...)


Geodatabases in ArcGIS

  • Basics of geodatabases
  • Basic terms of the geodata types
  • Difference to shapefile migration of shape files and other geodata
  • Creating database structures
  • Use Spatial Reference correctly
  • Raster data in the geodatabase
  • Create and use attribute domains
  • Create and use subtypes
  • Analysis of spatial relationships
  • Location-related queries
  • Topology in geodatabases


Connection of external data

  • External tables (Excel, csv, txt formats)
  • Integration of kml data
  • Include photos


Working with factual data and factual data tables

  • Joins of tables
  • Relationship classes in geodatabases


Geodatabases in ArcGIS

  • Cartography in the geodatabase
  • Planning and conception of a geodatabase
  • Cartography Reference Systems (Gauß-Krüger / UTM)
  • Georeferencing raster data
  • Reprojecting vector data


Introduction of Open Source Software (QGIS)

  • user interface
  • Implementation data
  • Working with data types
  • Customize layer symbology
  • Editing vector layers and attribute tables
  • analyzes
  • Extension of QGIS with Plugin Manager
  • Create a print layout with the Print Composer
  • Include photos
  • attribute domains
  • Subtypes in QGIS


The training courses can be booked individually (individual training or for groups, duration of training, content, etc.).

Training location by arrangement.


Registration and personal advice:

We are happy to advise you which training is the right one for you.

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