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Aerial photography with a drone and services & Training


Our services

We produce professional high-resolution aerial photographs (optical and thermal) with the help of an octocopter at fair prices.

Drone aerial photos are suitable for many purposes, such as inspection, documentation and monitoring of photovoltaic systems (open space and roof systems), industrial systems, agricultural areas or real estate. Damage documentation can also be prepared quickly and cost-effectively in the event of damage to buildings or systems. The advantage is that a drone can also be used to quickly fly into areas that are difficult to access and no costs are incurred for a crane or scaffolding, for example.

Depending on the problem, different camera types are used, e.g. an optical camera as well as a high-resolution thermal imaging camera for the creation of thermographies of photovoltaic and industrial systems and buildings. A video camera is also available.


Thermographic examinations

Faults in photovoltaic systems or poorly insulated areas in buildings can be detected with the aid of a radiometric thermal imaging camera. The resulting thermal images indicate the surface temperature of objects and can help to minimize yield losses and detect damage.

Thermal analysis photovoltaic plant


Inspection of plants and buildings

Camera-equipped drones are ideal for the inspection of facilities and buildings. Since they are easy to reach even in hard-to-reach areas, they can be used for visual inspection when maintenance issues arise. This significantly increases the safety of systems and buildings.

Areas of application are e.g. beside photovoltaic plants also industrial plants, cooling towers, radio masts, overland lines, roof surfaces etc.


Further processing of aerial photo data

The aerial photographs obtained with the aid of a drone can be processed for further purposes, depending on the problem at hand. Flying Detection offers as a service not only the acquisition of data with a drone but also the creation of orthophotos, digital terrain models (DGM) and elevation models (DHM).

We also offer you to transfer the data into a GIS system in order to be able to deal with further questions (e.g. for monitoring, calculation of water catchment areas, calculation of potential hazards caused by mudflows, avalanches, etc.). If you already have your own images, we can also process them for you, provided of course that the quality of the images is right.


Training in remote sensing with drones and GIS

If you would like to learn more about the use of drones in remote sensing or about the further processing of the collected data with a geographic information system (GIS), we offer you individual training courses.



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