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Drone aerial photography, thermography and training

Flying Detection offers services and training in aerial photography with drones, mapping, geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing. Other fields of activity are the creation of thermographies (for example of PV systems) and their evaluation as well as creating digital terrein models (DTM).


Octocopter Intel® Falcon™ 8+   Photovoltaic plant   Thermalbild Photovoltaik-Anlage   gis auf photovoltaikanlage



Range of services of flying detection

Drones have significant advantages over conventional techniques in small-scale investigations. The technical progress in the development of UAVs today allows a very high precision in surveying. Flying Detection is an innovative company that works in the area of photogrammetry surveying. By means of a copter, thermographies and digital terrain models are created in high quality and resolution.


The scanning of photo-voltaic systems by means of a thermal camera is a approved method for checking PV systems. Since only trouble-free operation guarantees full performance, the modules must be checked at regular intervals for hotspots, etc. During operation, a drone equipped with a thermal camera can quickly detect faults in the modules or in the interconnection. After evaluating the images, recommendations for actions are given to ensure the safety and full performance of the PV systems. This extends the life of the system and redeems the investment faster.

In addition, e.g. Gravel pits can be flown in a few minutes to later use the data to create digital elevation models (DEM). These can be provided in a variety of formats. During the further processing in a geographical information system (GIS), volume calculations or the creation of contour lines etc. can be elaborated.

Mesh models can also be created for further processing with a CAD program. The models are very high-resolution and usually have to be downsampled for further processing because the resolution for CAD programs is too high.



  • Fast, cost-effective solution
  • Very accurate, with high resolution
  • Surveying and DEM and mesh creation possible from one day one

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